Start With Serving

We’re very intentional about providing quality opportunities for people to serve and to make a difference in our community. Through that we have a lot of success in getting new people connected to the life of the church.

Unleash Your Youth Group

If you want to get serious about reaching your city for Christ, then you must get serious about reaching the young.

Free Easter Guidebook Available for Download

Easter Playbook is a short PDF that offers a wealth of ideas and information about reaching your community, welcoming guests, and keeping them engaged with your church.

Kingdom Advancing Grant Applications Now Being Accepted

Each Kingdom Advancing Grant recipient not only receives funding for their initiative or program, but also is paired for a year with members of the Granting Council as mentors who offer guidance and assistance.

Vulnerability Is the Key to Community

To be vulnerable means that you are putting yourself in a position of defenselessness and putting yourself in a position to be hurt. You are opening yourself up to being hurt by being honest and transparent about your failings, your flaws, and your fears.

Threads of Hope