Church Profiles

The Show Must Go On

All the big productions and illustrated sermons are designed around the idea of having something congregants can invite their friends to.

A God-Shaped Vision

Back in 2001, the leadership team at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, launched a vision plan that laid out some lofty goals....

A Home Away from Home

To meet the needs of people in their reach in a time when people have so many views of church, the pandemic and the issues they face, New Day uses a variety of approaches to reach the diverse population.

Mile-High Multiplication

Pathak sought a solution to reestablish the church’s identity as a truly local neighbor, of and for its community. He asked himself, What would it look like for us to build what amounts to a network of churches so we could share some resources, yet still operate like local churches?

A New Twist on an Old Idea

“But the shift in thinking was that it would become more of an outreach opportunity,” says Rev. Denise Tiedemann.