Speaking the Truth in Love (Even When It’s Awkward)

Speaking the truth will often cost you something, but it will cost you more if you don’t.

3 Reflections As You Head Home on Sunday

This week, when you drive away from the same place at the same time that you always do, don’t just drive away. And don’t settle for “fine.” Take a few minutes and ask yourself some questions.

The Pursuit of Virtue

Character is not so much what I do when no one is looking as it is what we do for others in their presence.

Results May Vary

For the rest of your life, thank him for accepting someone like you–someone who deserved hell (yes, you do!), someone who brings nothing to qualify for heaven–into his eternal family.

When One Day Your Present Life Is Forgotten on Earth, God Will Forever Remember and Care

The Bible tells us that although others may not remember us or care what our lives here have been, God will remember perfectly, and he cares very much—so much that the door of eternity swings on the hinges of our present lives.