Unleash Your Youth Group

If you want to get serious about reaching your city for Christ, then you must get serious about reaching the young.

Teens Need Something They Can’t Find Online

The body of Christ is essential to spiritual growth. It is not incidental to healthy faith. It is necessary.

Mobilize Your Young People to Lead

Now is the time to mobilize your congregation and your youth group to advance the gospel. Now is the time to energize your people to share the cure for racism, division, confusion, and delusion.

Helping Seniors Thrive Spiritually After Graduation

We must prepare our teenagers by speaking forthrightly about the temptations that await them after high school. We must help them be on their guard and learn how to be fully “armored up” with the spiritual protection that Jesus provides every believer (Ephesians 6:11).

More Than S’mores

What foster kids crave the most is to be shown that they are worthy of love.