Is ‘Mental Illness’ a Helpful Label?

Despite its limitations, “mental illness” is still the preferred label in the medical profession and in popular culture.

You’re Not as Broken as You Think

How often do we measure ourselves with a tape measure that is no longer, or never even was, accurate for our needs?

My Spiritual Awakening

The weird thing about hangovers is that I adapted to them. They set the tone for the day: the muscles governing my movement would be sore, the head housing my mind would ache, the seat of my heart would feel broken, and the voices of my soul would speak only shame.

My Achilles Heel

As women who didn’t receive what we needed from our fathers, we must make the time to grieve this loss in our lives. Doing so requires that we tell the little girl inside of us to pack her bags and leave for good. She can’t coexist in a healthy and whole woman of God.

Americans Believe Suicide Is Epidemic, Not Pathway to Hell

Religious beliefs and practice also play a role in attitudes toward suicide. Those with evangelical beliefs are more likely than those without evangelical beliefs to say suicide is selfish (48% v. 35%) and automatically leads to hell (39% v. 18%).