Spiritual Disciples

Like so many I know and love, I can easily imagine how my path into the void could have led somewhere other than here, back home.

Your One-Word Goal

We’re pre-deciding to be faithful because we will never be faithful by accident. You may have a fluke day of faithfulness, but no one is faithful day after day after day without great intentionality.

What Do I Do When My Church Stops Growing?

When your growth stagnates, it's often an opportunity to discover new things about yourself and your church.

Love Is (Not) a Mirror

How can we know what love is when we’re acting (falsely) like we know ourselves? But if we don’t know ourselves, where would we begin?

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

When we choose to forgive, we let go of our right to get even and we allow God to take over. We let go of our bitterness. We let go of our resentment.

The Hand of the Diligent Will Rule

If you don’t want to be told what to do all of the time, be that individual who dominates with diligence and you will find yourself calling your own shots.