Missing Half the Gospel

Something essential is missing from the way we typically share the gospel.

5 Gold Mines of Sermon Illustrations

Illustrations also help the listener to understand your points, especially the more abstract or theological ones.

Speaking the Truth in Love (Even When It’s Awkward)

Speaking the truth will often cost you something, but it will cost you more if you don’t.

5 Temptations Leaders Face in Times of Crisis

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3 Reflections As You Head Home on Sunday

This week, when you drive away from the same place at the same time that you always do, don’t just drive away. And don’t settle for “fine.” Take a few minutes and ask yourself some questions.

Bryan C. Loritts: Overcoming Ethnic Disunity

The church started out multiethnic. The apostle Paul didn’t start two separate churches, one for the Jews and one for the Gentil