Free Easter Guidebook Available for Download

Easter Playbook is a short PDF that offers a wealth of ideas and information about reaching your community, welcoming guests, and keeping them engaged with your church.

The Week After Easter

When you lead a church, you can’t help but dream—and dream big. I think that’s one of the marks of a leader. But for most, it’s not long before the dream comes face to face with reality.

How You Can Support Easter Services With Prayer

I encourage you to use this list to pray individually and corporately with intentionality throughout this week.

Free Easter Resources

Outreach, Inc. is offering a free digital bundle of Easter resources including a service countdown video, children’s Easter story video and several social media graphics.

When Small Churches Play Dress Up

Sure your communications, media, and tech teams want to do amazing things. So they bring out the fog machines, fancy lights, and the worship leader reaches far beyond the capabilities of the choir or worship team.

Reflections on Easter and the Church

4 observations on Christ