Start With Serving

We’re very intentional about providing quality opportunities for people to serve and to make a difference in our community. Through that we have a lot of success in getting new people connected to the life of the church.

‘Together We’

The Lord gave me two words: together we. After that, we penned our mission statement out of Together We: Together we are a reaching, discipling, sending church impacting generations for Christ.

3 Online Strategies to Convert Seekers Into Visitors

A beautiful and well-designed website is a great thing to have, but more important than that is a website that functions to help people understand who you are, what you believe, and how to find you.

Take Hold of the Vision

With all the racial tension in the last couple years, we decided this is an opportunity for us to take a stand and be clear about who we want to be as a church.

Take Hold of the Vision

We’re trying to think outside the walls. How can we engage missionally? How can we bring church to where people are, and not be thinking constantly about how we’re going to get them here?

Intentionality Is Key

We’re very intentional about being welcoming and friendly. I tell people on Sunday mornings at the end of the services, “If you’re our guest, I’d like to meet you.” And so I go to the hospitality room and meet